Environmental Planning

We provide practical solutions regarding site selection and routing and can help you stay up to date with regulatory trends and criteria.

Desktop Reviews

Comprehensive desktop reviews that summarize areas of:

  • Environmental sensitivity
  • Regulatory concerns
  • Project development

Routing & Siting

Route selection and siting support focusing on environmental factors and cost concerns.

Pre-Site Assessments

Assessments providing background and baseline information on:

  • Land use
  • Topography
  • Water bodies
  • Sensitive wildlife or habitat areas
  • Soil and vegetation profiles

Wildlife Evaluation

Tailored wildlife evaluations including:

  • Background info
  • Site identification
  • Species-at-risk assessments
  • Field profiles
  • Identification and delineation of special habitats


Monitoring of directional/boring drilling under waterbodies and identification, classification and delineation of wetlands.

Soil & Vegetation Surveys

Comprehensive field surveys including:

  • Land use information
  • Topography information
  • Soil and vegetation profiles

GIS Mapping

Customized data capturing and constraint mapping to help meet geospatial requirements of a site.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring and on-site solutions for:

  • Facility
  • Pipeline
  • Access road
  • Well site construction

Compliance Audits

Specializing in Indian Oil and Gas Canada compliance audits and responses for regulatory non-compliance notifications.

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