Technology and Innovation Centre_SECURE R&D Lab


SECURE Energy Services maintains a fully equipped, comprehensive 7,000 sq.ft laboratory, located in the SE of Calgary, Alberta.  This facility is run by an experienced team of 7 PhD chemists, and 9 chemists with BSc or MSc. The objective of this facility is to assist our customers with technical challenges through simulations and testing, research and development of new products and education sessions. 

Testing Capabilities

The facility provides testing and tailored product development for completion support and is compliant with API testing procedures where required and ensure QA/QC parameters are met as necessary.  They are actively working on research and development of new products for all facets of drilling, completion and production fluids, custom testing requirements, troubleshooting, training, customer demonstrations and Drilling Mud Schools. 

Extensive technical experience using state of the art analytical equipment ensures high quality data collection and interpretation.  In addition, strong links with external facilities (both industrial and academic) ensures rapid access to a wide range of analytical techniques and test instrumentation.

The laboratory contains the following key pieces of equipment:


• OFITE 77 HTHP Viscometer
• HP Gas Chromatograph
• RO Tap Sieve Shaker
• Anton Parr MCR-501 Viscometer
• Dynamic Scale Loop 
• Brookfield LSRV Viscometers
• Ofite 900 Viscometers
• Analytical Density Meter
• Grace M3500a Viscometer
• Fann 8-Speed Viscometers
• Lubricity Testing Instruments (OFITE)
• Industrial Fume-Hood Ventilation System
• Hot-Roll Ovens and Test Cells
• Microtox 500 Analyzer
• High-Speed Centrifuges
• Custom Seepage / Lost Circulation Test Cell
• API Fluid Loss Manifolds 
• UV-Visible Spectrometer

• Cold Storage Capacity
• Silverson L5M-A High Shear mixers
• Hamilton Beach Blenders
• Emulsion Stability Meters
• HTHP Fluid Loss Apparatus
• Heating / Stirring Plates
• Analytical Balances
• Foam Stability Cone Apparatus
• Dynamic linear swell meter
• OFI HTHP Dynamic Filtration Unit
• 50 ml Variable Temperature Retorts
• Aeration Equipment
• Core flood system for chemical floods and formation damage studies
• Malvern Particle Size Analyzers
• Spinning Drop Tensiometer
• RCE apparatus for real time corrosion testing
• Automatic Titrators
• Pensky-Martens Closed-Cup Flash Point Tester
• Custom Pump Loop
• Colloid Mill

SECURE performs a variety of analysis outside the general scope of drilling fluid testing. Anti-accretion analysis is currently one of the parameters tested in a specific manner where emphasis on metal rolling tests and wafer stability tests for drilling fluid compatibility is assessed. In addition, testing is also performed using sand cell tests to simulate permeability and formation shut off properties. Elastomer compatibility testing with various base oils is another parameter that is difficult to assess, thus requiring analysis and interpretation once the lab results are in. SECURE has used shale dispersion testing to establish inhibition requirements in conjunction with a dynamic linear swell meter. Study of hole cleaning issues and barite SAG have also led to the use of the barite SAG shoe analysis to confirm appropriate rheology requirements and ultimately the use of Low shear rate viscosity testing. Formation damage studies are performed on sensitive formations to determine the effects of the drilling and completion fluids on the oil production.

Completion Fluids & Production Chemicals

The laboratory also formulates completion and production fluids. The Completions team provides testing of demulsifiers for heavy oil/SAGD operations. This testing includes the ability to generate emulsions at various temperatures then custom design demulsifier blends which are best suited to a particular emulsion at any given operational temperature.

The focus on research and new product development conducted in our Calgary laboratories allows us to provide unique, tailored products. The following is a comprehensive listing of the products we provide:

Completion Fluids

Production Chemicals

KCl (1% to 24%)
Heavy brines up to 2300 kg/m³
Clay stabilizer
Corrosion inhibitors
H₂S scavengers
Metal to Metal Lubricants
Scale inhibitors
Friction Reducers

Boiler Products
Clay Stabilizers
Cleaners and Degreasers
Oil-Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors
Water-Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors
Foamers/Defoamers, Flocculants
H2S Scavengers
Iron Control
LEL Scavenger
Oxygen Scavengers
Paraffin/Asphaltenes Solvents
Paraffin/Asphaltene Inhibitors
Scale Inhibitors
Scale Removal (Acid Packages)
Combination Corrosion/Scale Inhibitors
Sulfur Solvents
Viscosity Reducer
Water Clarifiers/Anti-Foulant

SECURE also performs a variety of water testing in order to provide expertise in the cleaning of various water streams such as produced or flow back water. 

We offer the following production chemical services at our Technology and Innovation Centre in Calgary and out of Lloydminster, as well as our field lab in Peace River:


Peace River

  • Bottle testing for demulsifier selection/development for light oils
  • Viscosity measurements (rheology) for oils and polymer fluids
  • Stability testing for demulsifiers (low temperature)
  • Bottle testing (bench) for Scale inhibitors.
  • Scale analysis – bench (chemical digestion), SEM (3rd party) and XRD (3rdparty)
  • Dynamic scale loop test
  • Complete water analysis (3rd party); scaling tendencies (3rd party)
  • Phosphate residual analysis
  • Bench Testing for Wax solvents
  • Bench testing composition analysis for waxes, asphaltenes, resins and mineral deposits
  • Cloud and pour point determination (viscosity, DSC, ASTM – temperature bath)
  • Wax dispersion testing
  • Wax appearance temperature determination – Cold Finger
  • Surface wettability – contact angle
  • Porous Media: viscosity (rheology – various temperatures and pressures), filter ratios, sand packs and core flood studies
  • Particle size distribution in oils and water
  • LEL scavenger testing
  • H2S scavenger testing (3rd – party)
  • Sulfur uptake (3rd party)
  • Flocculation jar testing for dry and emulsion polymers, Rheology
  • Freeze point testing – thermal stability testing
  • Bench Testing for dispersion of Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Bench Testing for H2S  content with Draeger Tubes and Garrett gas train
  • Bench deposits analysis using solvents – differentiation between salts, hydrocarbons, calcium scales and iron scales
  • TSS determination of disposal waters
  • UV/Vis (Hach)
  • HPHT viscosity
  • Flash Point (closed cup)
  • pH
  • TDS
  • Chlorine residual
  • Chloride testing
  • Oxygen testing
  • Dissolved and precipitated iron
  • BS&W
  • Surface tension oil-water (spinning drop apparatus)
  • Lubricity
  • Flow loop (designed for heavy oils - laminar/turbulent flows)
  • Bottle testing for Demulsifier selection/development
  • Bench testing for anti - foulant selection/development
  • Corrosion coupon analysis
  • LuminUltra/Petri film/Bart Bottles/Serial dilution for bacterial count and determination
  • Millipore analysis of deposits – differentiation between salts, hydrocarbons, calcium scales and iron scales
  • TSS determination of disposal waters
  • Karl Fisher determination of water in oil
  • Polymer solution viscosity (HPAM)
  • Total HPAM ppm in Produced water
  • pH
  • TDS
  • Chlorine residual
  • Chloride testing
  • Oxygen testing
  • BS&W
  • O&G (oil in water)
  • Bottle testing for Demulsifier selection
  • Bench testing for Scale inhibitors.
  • Bench Testing for Wax solvents
  • Bench Testing for Dispensability of Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Bench Testing for H2S  content with Draeger Tubes
  • LuminUltra /Serial dilution for bacterial count and determination and Kill studies
  • Bench deposits analysis using solvents – differentiation between salts, hydrocarbons, calcium scales and iron scales
  • TSS determination of disposal waters
  • Polymer solution viscosity (HPAM)
  • Total HPAM ppm in Produced water
  • pH
  • TDS
  • Chlorine residual
  • Chloride testing
  • Oxygen testing
  • Dissolved and precipitated iron
  • Hardness in water (including ultra-low less than 1ppm)
  • BS&W
  • O&G (oil in water)




The laboratory is also responsible for the maintenance and calibration of field test equipment and the development of Standard Operating Procedures. SECURE also offers a wide range of technical training programs for both internal staff and customers.  These training programs typically include both theoretical and practical (laboratory based) sections.


SECURE’s 13,392 sq. ft. laboratory and technical support center is situated in Edmonton, Alberta. Most of the Production Chemicals’ technical support and training for Western Canada is also based at this facility. The fully staffed laboratory and technical services group supports the field with routine analyses, product development, product selection, application and troubleshooting expertise. Edmonton’s highly diverse and educated staff includes: one PHD Chemist, three Masters of Engineering, one Masters of Chemistry and Bachelors of Science in Engineering and Chemistry, the laboratory has been designed for accommodating testing under sour conditions. 


Some of the notable laboratory capabilities are as follows: 

Corrosion inhibitor screening and evaluation

  • Low to high pressure/temperature, sweet and/or sour autoclave testing

  • Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE) testing

  • Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) bubble testing


Paraffin and Asphaltene inhibition:

  • Viscometers

  • Cold finger

  • Turbiscan technologies 

**Most testing can be done under pressure to mimic system conditions 

Hydrocarbon characterization:

  • BS and W’s

  • Viscosity and API gravity

  • Flash point

  • Freeze point / Pour point testing

  • Cloud Point (Viscosity measurement) 

Scale inhibition and remediation testing using high pressure/high temperature flow loops 

H2S scavenger uptake testing 

Sulphur Solvent uptake by Rotovap and weight loss 

Solids analysis using wet chemistry

Hydrate testing under sweet and sour conditions using autoclaves 

Particle size distribution 

Drilling and fracturing fluid evaluation, viscosity and breakdown using pressurized viscometers

Corrosion coupon evaluation

Corrosion and scale inhibitor residual evaluation

 Depending on the nature of the analyses required, SECURE also utilizes third party/contract laboratory services as required.