When a company’s assets reach the end of their useful life, a safe, cost effective method to remove these assets is required. SECURE Energy Services provides the specialized equipment necessary for these projects to be completed safely. 

Our industrial demolition contractors have over thirty years of experience, and have completed some of the largest and most complex demolition projects in Western Canada. We work with you to maximize asset values and returns through re-sale, re-use or recycling methods.

We provide complete decommissioning services from hazardous materials removal, through to facility demolition, asset recovery and recycling.

Services Include:

  •  Facility demolition and decommissioning
  •  Scrap steel processing
  •  Pipe management
  •  Waste management and asset recovery
  •  Concrete breaking and recycling
  •  Asbestos abatement
  •  Demolition planning and engineering
  •  Pipeline suspension, abandonment and removal

Sales Contact:

Contact one of our sales representatives for more information on SECURE's Demolition and Decommissioning services:

Fabio Marson, Business Development Representative

403 850 2128