SECURE’s rail response services include emergency rail response, railway support services, environmental services, load handling and mechanical support.

Emergency Rail Response

SECURE staff and equipment are available to respond to any emergency rail response situation throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our team will be on the road within one hour of your call and have equipment mobilized within three hours.

24 Hour Emergency Phone Number: 1-877-518-4321

SECURE’s Emergency Rail Response services include:

  • Rail cars and locomotives rerailing
  • Crossing change-outs
  • Dismantling and recycling of rail cars
  • Mainline track clearing

Railway Support Services

SECURE provides various railway support services to the rail industry, these services include:

  • Sheet piling for bridge repair/erosion control
  • Siding & Railbed construction
  • Culvert repair/replacement
  • Yard maintenance & clean-up

Remediation & Reclamation Services

SECURE helps our clients with the removal and clean up of contaminents from soil, groundwater and sediment for the protection and betterment of the public and the environment. SECURE has extensive experience in all aspects of excavation, transportation, treatment and disposal of contaminated soils. The SECURE team has successfully completed hundreds of remediation projects throughout Canada.

Disposal Services

SECURE’s Processing, Recovery & Disposal division operates 33 facilities across the Western Canadian Sedimentary basin. SECURE owns and operates eight different class I and class II landfills for waste disposal.

Mechanical Support

  • Car cleaning/maintenance
  • Car scraping/salvage
  • Wheel changes
  • Minor mechanical repairs

Load Handling

  • Load transfers
  • Load securement
  • Imbalanced load
  • Shifted loads
  • Transport damaged or unsafe railcars

Available Equipment

SECURE has extesnive access to large equipment that can be utilized including:

  • Excavators
  • Shears
  • Dozers
  • Side Booms
  • Front end loaders
  • Sheet pile drivers
  • 30 & 40 tonne rock trucks
  • Dewatering & diversion pumps
  • Emergency response trailers
  • Sanblasting equipment
  • Rig mats, pumps, hoses, tanks
  • Tanks for liquid storage up to 6400 m3

Waste Containers

SECURE offers waste container services for the safe disposal of small volumes of routine production waste.

Serviceable Waste Types:

  • Filters, rags and absorbents
  • NORM
  • Self-heating waste
  • Soil and solids
  • Soil and sulpher
  • Aerosols
  • Recyclables
  • Lube oil
  • Batteries

Sales Contact:

Contact one of our sales representatives for more information on SECURE's Rail Services:

Chuck Walsh

403 669 9375

Tom Adams

587 999 5244

Jim Rose

403 700 7263